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How to Preserve and Enhance The Value & Safety of Your Home

Do you look at some homes and wonder how it is possible that those houses, though older than yours, look better and are more valuable than yours? Perhaps you haven’t been too nice to your home. This is because the secret to highly valuable and safe homes lie in what you do to keep the house in mint condition; according to experts and homeowners Chef Kanida Chey, the small and the little things count.

Here is how you can preserve the value of your home:

  1. Clean and maintain appliances

For the optimum performance of your appliances, you have to clean and maintain them once in every two months.  Maintenance means cleaning up the refrigerator coils or changing the vent filters.

You need to keep the drains free of buildup. The simplest way to do this is to mix baking soda, vinegar, and hot water and pour this mixture down the drains. Note that the best, and the biggest cleaning solution that should be in your home all the time is vinegar. If pressed for time, you should consider getting deep cleaning services.

  1. Apply a fresh coat on the exterior

With time, your home’s exterior will deteriorate because of the direct exposure to the elements. For the protection of the exterior walls and curb appeal, you should apply a fresh coat of paint frequently. Don’t let the exteriors get dull and old when all you need is a fresh coat of paint!

Whether you plan to sell your home or it is just getting old, a fresh coat of paint will go a long way in preserving it. Note that fresh paint prevents the walls from retaining water.

  1. How about the small home upgrades?

Most homeowners only consider home improvements when they are planning to sell their homes, and this shouldn’t always be the case. Home improvements and simple upgrades are essential if you need to preserve your home.

An upgrade is as simple as replacing the old faucets, getting new doors, reupholstering furniture is the structure is intact, getting new artwork, replacing the old window treatments, or changing the lights. You can change the electric plugs too.

  1. Enhance the safety of your home

The best way of doing this involves checking the carbon monoxide and the smoke detectors regularly. Have certified electricians inspect and service the detectors. Have the inspection done when you are changing the clock back and forth.

You should also have professionals check and clean the fire chimney, air, and kitchen vents.

  1. Protect your home’s foundation

You know that planting anything within 8 inches of your home is the perfect recipe for rots, right? Since soil and plants perpetuate moisture, they increase the chances and the speed of rotting.

Rotting foundations are terrible as they diminish the value of your home and it wreaks havoc on your home. Moisture leads to leaking and cracking, it affects the drywall, and cracks bring in the cold air leaving you with high water bills. Therefore, you should prune the bushes around your home and also don’t let the soil around your home dry out completely as soil shrinks.

  1. Revamp the bathroom

The bathroom holds a big chunk of the house’s value. Ensure that everything is working perfectly. For longevity, always use high-quality fixtures and fittings, and keep them clean. You should also replace the lights and reglaze the bathtub.


These remedies will keep your home in pristine condition. If you organize yourself well, you will realize that the upgrades and maintenance projects are affordable.

Take extra safety precautions during patio door installation

A secure home means a satisfied client

Aluminium sliding door frames are ideal for an aesthetic yet fully secure patio entrance or exit: these frames cannot be snapped, they aid in providing protection from the elements, and ultimately the strong yet lightweight material maximises security.

Yet clients persist in airing concerns about the well-being of their families and how it is dependent on the contractor’s proficiency, and this proficiency alone!Clients perceive additional points of entry – such as patio areas and even windows – as major risks and rightly so, perhaps. But be pre-emptive and take extra precautions in attempt to reassure and indeed safeguard those concerned. Rise to the challenge.

1.      Start with an extra lock

It is easy to install a heavy-duty steel lock at the top or bottom of the door using only a few tools. A sliding door cylinder lock appears unobtrusive but does its job well. Whether or not the client is particularly fazed about optimising security, you could even include lock installation, to supplement the sliding door or window latch, as part of your standard service.

2.      Incorporate an alarm system

Patio doors tend to be nestled at the back of a home or, typically, somewhere where thieves may break in completely unnoticed. A simple alarm system can alleviate this problem – or at least provide peace of mind given the location of the transparent, arguably revealing,doors. A magnetic door contact can be used on door or window frames and you can even opt for a wireless one that looks neat and, again, is unobtrusive.

3.      Suggest privacy film for the glass

Glass, depending on its unique specifications, offers immense security in aluminium folding or sliding doors. The point of consternation is its transparency. We have a solution for that too! Obscure clients’ valuables from onlookers by making use of window film.This is an inexpensive option and does not prohibit light from illuminating the space – curtains can still be relied on to achieve that, if desired for afternoon siestas!

4.      Reinforce the tracks

Place a simple wooden dowel in the tracks so that even if the lock is compromised, burglars will fail to gain entry. The dowel should fit snugly so that security is effectively bolstered.

Be sure to remind your clients that aluminium door and window frames remain the best option in terms of safety and security.

The need for tree removal in certain places

Even though trees are a very valuable resource for the mankind, there are a number of reasons for people to remove trees from places. A tree can be present in a place where an activity is planned and the tree might simply be unwanted. This normally happens when a home is built or a garden is being installed. Creating a sports field also requires a large area of empty space and the trees that are located in the chosen spot might have to be removed. When a tree is present in a spot from where it overshadows a home or the other structures, people wish to remove it. When a tree starts to lose life and die it poses a safety risk. This needs immediate removal of such trees and you can get tree removal quote from the right source. There are also instances when the roots of a fully grown tree become a nuisance when they churn up the pavements of a home or create cracks in the floor of a pool.

When a tree becomes weak structurally, they can cause a number of problems to the homes surrounding it. The tree becomes diseased and lodges a number of insects. It might even become a place of pest invasion. When a tree in a heavy traffic zone is found to be weak, it is a serious safety hazard for people passing through. It is better to remove such trees before they fall on their own and cause excessive damages to the people and the houses that are built near it. It is the same with all the trees that when they become too old and their whole lifespan, they become dangerous to be around. In such conditions, professional help should be sought out to remove the trees as efficiently as possible. Though trees are considered important for the environment and to keep the oxygen supply constant at all times, ill or extremely old trees are seen unwanted. Tree removal Melbourne is done with the help of some of the most trained and skilled professionals who work with the best interest of people and also the trees in their minds at all times.

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Waterproofing experts will arrest leaks and flooding


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