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Reasons To Transition To Low-GWP Alternatives In Refrigeration

If you have ever heard of the term global warming potential, it often refers to different types of products that are capable of either harming or helping the environment. Global warming is a very large issue as of late. Studies have shown that the temperature of the earth is continuing to rise with consistent increases in average global temperature. The effect of this increase is that there are areas of the world which are beginning to melt which have not done so for thousands of years. When the permafrost in these areas begins to thaw, this releases CO2 into the atmosphere, increasing the potential for even higher temperatures than before. As you can see, there are reasons to transition to low GWP alternatives, especially in the refrigeration industry.


How Refrigeration Devices Can Contribute To Global Warming

If you have one or more refrigeration devices, you know that they are able to produce cold air as a result of a coolant that is used within the apparatus. There is going to be a compressor, a device that will add pressure to the coolant. The higher the pressure, the higher the probability that it will be able to absorb heat from the air. This is how air conditioners work, as well as refrigeration machines, and there are hundreds of thousands of these worldwide. In many cases, especially the older ones, Freon was the coolant of choice. Now that Freon, also referred to as R-22, has officially been outlawed by the year 2020, individuals and businesses around the world are beginning to change out the Freon and replace it with a much better coolant. These coolants that are new offer many benefits that were simply not possible when using Freon.


The Benefits Of Using These New Refrigerants

There are several benefits to switching from Freon to a new coolant. First of all, you are going to be in compliance with the law. Second, the newer ones can not only mimic the capabilities of Freon to absorb heat, but they are also capable of reducing CO2 emissions. Another benefit comes when leakage occurs. Instead of worrying about how Freon is going to diminish the ozone layer, this is not a problem that needs to be considered. These new products are designed to not break down ozone, and as a result of this, they are a much safer product.


What Are Some Low GWP Alternative Coolants?

There are many new alternative coolants that can be characterized as low GWP products. For example, there is one called TDX 20. When this was originally designed by the company Bluon, it was obviously designed to compete against Freon. However, due to laws changing, and findings that were discovered later, it is slowly becoming the coolant of choice. The other refrigerants that are also available include R-134A, R-404A nad R-407C to name a few. Some of these are made with different blends of chemicals such as pentafluoroethane and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane. Bluon Energy created TDX 20 with several different chemical combinations, eventually finding the best mixture which can produce fantastic results.


The Many Benefits Of Using New Refrigerants


There are three primary benefits to changing over to a new coolant. First of all, these refrigerants are often more energy efficient. You may be able to save between 20% and 25% on your electric bill. These are percentages that can be derived when changing the refrigerant in electricity producing devices. Second, leakage was one of the main problems that the world had with Freon. Although aerosol cans were seemingly a larger problem, those are gone now, especially ones that used Freon. Instead, these refrigerants are no longer going to compromise the structure of the ozone molecule, and this can help preserve this upper layer of the atmosphere which protects us from UV radiation. Finally, the new refrigerants that you add are going to, in some cases, minimize CO2 emissions. The greenhouse effect is constantly getting worse. There are some that will tell you it has nothing to do with these products and is the result of cyclical events. However, science has clearly shown that people using these refrigerants in machines designed to extract heat are really contributing to the overall problem. You will need an HVAC professional to complete this task for you. These are individuals that have proper training, as well as the tools that will allow them to complete this task. Obtaining quotes from different companies can help you find the ones that are the best. After you have had your old coolant removed, you will have successfully transitioned to a low GWP alternative, especially if this is for a refrigeration device.


Will It Take Long To Realize These Benefits?

The benefits of utilizing low GWP alternatives can be seen within a few weeks in most cases. One of the initial benefits has to do with how much money you will save. If you are using coolants in devices that use electricity and motors that can produce CO2 emissions, you will see that these will be minimized. The efficiency level of new refrigerants has made it possible for many machines to operate with much lower amounts of electricity. You will also be doing your part to preserve the world by not affecting the ozone layer.


You can transition very quickly to the world of low GWP alternatives. There are many prominent players in this industry, some of which have what they regard as the best refrigerant, a product that will help you save money and reduce global warming. At the very least, if you have Freon in your units, you can quickly comply with the law. Once R-22 is officially banned in a few years, you will be both compliant and you will reap the benefits of the lower electricity bill once this is done. It is highly recommended that you contact several different HVAC companies that do specialize in refrigeration machines. Whether this is a freezer, air conditioner, or even a machine that produces electricity, you will find a coolant that give you all of these benefits and more.