Take extra safety precautions during patio door installation

A secure home means a satisfied client

Aluminium sliding door frames are ideal for an aesthetic yet fully secure patio entrance or exit: these frames cannot be snapped, they aid in providing protection from the elements, and ultimately the strong yet lightweight material maximises security.

Yet clients persist in airing concerns about the well-being of their families and how it is dependent on the contractor’s proficiency, and this proficiency alone!Clients perceive additional points of entry – such as patio areas and even windows – as major risks and rightly so, perhaps. But be pre-emptive and take extra precautions in attempt to reassure and indeed safeguard those concerned. Rise to the challenge.

1.      Start with an extra lock

It is easy to install a heavy-duty steel lock at the top or bottom of the door using only a few tools. A sliding door cylinder lock appears unobtrusive but does its job well. Whether or not the client is particularly fazed about optimising security, you could even include lock installation, to supplement the sliding door or window latch, as part of your standard service.

2.      Incorporate an alarm system

Patio doors tend to be nestled at the back of a home or, typically, somewhere where thieves may break in completely unnoticed. A simple alarm system can alleviate this problem – or at least provide peace of mind given the location of the transparent, arguably revealing,doors. A magnetic door contact can be used on door or window frames and you can even opt for a wireless one that looks neat and, again, is unobtrusive.

3.      Suggest privacy film for the glass

Glass, depending on its unique specifications, offers immense security in aluminium folding or sliding doors. The point of consternation is its transparency. We have a solution for that too! Obscure clients’ valuables from onlookers by making use of window film.This is an inexpensive option and does not prohibit light from illuminating the space – curtains can still be relied on to achieve that, if desired for afternoon siestas!

4.      Reinforce the tracks

Place a simple wooden dowel in the tracks so that even if the lock is compromised, burglars will fail to gain entry. The dowel should fit snugly so that security is effectively bolstered.

Be sure to remind your clients that aluminium door and window frames remain the best option in terms of safety and security.